The Gerken Companies

Company Overview

The Gerken Companies have worked to successfully build and improve the infrastructure of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan for more than 60 years. As technologies, people and industry specifications have changed, The Gerken Companies have met a wide variety of challenges and have continued to grow and improve from season to season. With a diligent work force of more than 350 men and women, The Gerken Companies have a dedication to construction quality, an accurate foresight into industry trends, and the ability to adapt and operate in a competitive environment.

Successful management has allowed The Gerken Companies to diversify the array of available services. Stone quarries, sand and gravel facilities, asphalt and aggregate testing laboratories, roadway services and decorative asphalt paving augment the operation of the company’s paving division and open doors for continuous improvement in project management and for strong relationships with clients and business partners

Current Job Openings

Gerken always accepts resumes from qualified applicants. Please contact our head of HR, Kim Edwards at

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